JoomlaXT! extension manuals

It’s not a lot of money, it saves you a lot of time and it supports the developers, so they can provide free, high quality extensions in the future… All manuals for only 1,99€ each…

“Pay to Download XT” Quick Guide

Test this new JoomlaXT application and get the Quick Guide. The Quic

k guide explains

  • How to maintain your paypal account to enable “Pay to Download XT” to work properly
  • How to maintain your account data in “Pay to Download XT”
  • How to setup an item to sell and start getting paid for downloads
  • How to setup a test account at paypal and how to use the test account to test the application without geting charged by paypal.

For the symbolic value of 1,99 € you can get the quick guide and see “Pay to Download XT” in action, just press the button below.

PollXT Quick Guide 

The PollXT Quick Guide introduces you to basic pollXT features quickly but comprehensive. You will learn:

  • How to install pollXT
  • Maintain Basic configuration settings
  • How to create your first poll
  • How to publish the poll

For only 1,99€ you get all information you need for setting up your poll.

GuardXT Quick Guide

The GuardXT Quick Guide gives you on more than 20 pages information on how to use GuardXT to achieve a maximum of security of your Joomla site. It covers all the functions & features of GuardXT and gives some background information on the different topics.

GuardXT Box

The quick guide covers the following topics:

  • GuardXT Configuration
  • GuardXT Overview
    • Security News
    • Version Check
    • File Guard
    • Server Checks
    • PHP Checks
  • Additional Version Checks
  • File Guard
    • Initial Run
    • Check Runs
    • Handling modified files
    • Handling file/folder permission
    • Set up a cron job
  • Basic Authentication wizard
    • Local PHP.ini Wizard
  • Troubleshooting